Jobs crisis? Three major companies are recruiting: the profiles sought

Finding work is increasingly difficult, but there are great companies that are always hiring new employees.

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When it comes to employment and hiring, it is not easy to find a job. Unless you are talking about large multinationals with solid roots. In these cases, in fact, it happens that it is necessary to always hire new employees, who then fulfill specific and diversified roles. Especially when the opening of new branches of the companies in question is in sight.

And this is precisely the case of three multinationals that are looking for new personnel on Italian territory. In particular, we are talking about a region in southern Italy, where there is a great need to hire new specialized personnel.

Eurospin, Tecnomat and Sephora rentals in Sicily!

But which three big companies are we talking about? You all know them, since it is Eurospin, a giant among low cost supermarkets. Then Tecnomat, says Bricoman, and finally Sephora. Retailer of beauty and make-up products renowned worldwide, so much so that it has also created its own lines of skincare and make-up products.

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The hiring will mainly take place in Sicily, where for some time there have been rumors about the opening of the new supermarket, DIY and beauty products outlets. On the official websites of the companies, in the section work with us, you will find information on hiring and how to send your application.

Eurospin is notably looking for two personalities to be placed in the butchery departments of Mazara del Vallo and Ragusa. Tecnomat is looking for 3 new candidates for the Ragusa and Misterbianco stores, in the province of Carania. While Sephora must find a new beauty consultant for the Ragusa store.

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Always precisely that the economy, in Ragusa and in some Sicilian cities, tries to turn in the right direction despite the years of crisis due first to the Coronavirus pandemic, then to the war that broke out between Russia and the Ukraine.

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