Jellyfish alert on the coast, risky holidays: the beaches are empty

Jellyfish alert in our seas, the situation is of great concern to tourism officials. The long-awaited vacation could be in danger.

Jellyfish Alert (pixabay)

You could almost consider it a very controversial summer. Now there is the jellyfish alarm. Admittedly, the year 2022 did not start auspiciously at all. It is useless to recall the situations which have hit the globe in recent years.

A pandemic that makes us sterile in the face of the price to pay against an unsubdued nature. With the advent of vaccination, one hoped for a total resolution. There was a lot of help but unfortunately not definitive. Caution is never too much in these cases.

With this opening and the attempt to return to normal, the eastern conflict arrived. David and Goliath go to war and rising prices affect families. It’s just a year born under an ugly star. There is no time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Jellyfish alert on the beaches of the coast, the complaints of holidaymakers are heard

To put even more spin on the already tragic situation, we have also put in place a weather forecast that has all of Europe gasping. Extraordinary temperatures that even reach 40 degrees. The South African anticyclone that constantly targets Europe and now the long-awaited vacation was also born.

Jellyfish Alert (pixabay)

It’s no news that some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe rest on jellyfish. These unwanted guests are not lethal to humans but they are very annoying. They prohibit diving into the waters because just touching them can cause annoying itching.

They are not dangerous for humans, they do not attack or bite but their presence is disturbing. You cannot enjoy sea water.

Unfortunately, their presence is due to the fact that climate change actually exists. Especially during the hottest months, the current one and August, there could be a real invasion. A negative point is also given by the fact that the Mediterranean is deprived of turtles.

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In fact, it is the turtles that make your mouth water at the sight of them. Unfortunately, there is little or nothing that can be done to remedy this situation. Tour operators say that because of jellyfish, many prefer to give up their vacation. a real blow to the summer economy that has just arrived.

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