its value is simply stellar. The details

Phone Token 7607: Its selling value is simply stellar. Check your old trunks carefully, it could change your life. The details.

Old phone token (Photo from Instagram)

Phone tokens were designed to pay for phone calls in phone booths. The first was seen in Italy in 1927 by Siptel. However, it was not until a few years later that their distribution became widespread.

The actual production dates back to 1959 and from that time it was possible to use them until 2001. They are small bronze parts with grooves for inserting them into public telephones.

Over time, there was the replacement of telephone cards, then the advent of cell phones. It almost seems to speak of another world. And that’s where collectors come in. Having one of these tokens equals a certain amount of wealth.

Telephone token 7607, how much is it worth? Owning it is equivalent to having a great fortune in your pocket

As we mentioned earlier, owning an old phone token could mean having a little gold mine in your pockets.

Phone token 7607 (Photo from Instagram)

And it is here that collectors can indulge themselves, because over time these tokens have become real collector’s items and, as with coins, it is necessary to check the perfect state of conservation, as well as the particularities.

Their selling value, in fact, is determined by various factors: condition, wear, possible dents. One of the most important and sought after is the 7607 phone token. We are in the presence of a real gem. Let’s find out why.

One of the most fashionable is the one bearing the initials IPM and is one of the very last copies put into circulation. Its value can be around 20 euros, subject to the conditions that we have listed above.

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The rarest of all is the one that was invented by Costruzioni Minuterie Metalliche and bears the word UT.

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