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The Mediterranean area is worried about the possible danger of a tsunami. According to the forecasts of the experts, we would be in great danger.

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In the minds of many of us, the images of the tsunami that hit Asia in 2004 are still vivid and terrifying, wiping out entire villages in minutes and killing 250,000 people. An endless disaster that could also affect the Mediterranean Sea, according to experts.

It was Boxing Day 18 years ago, and thousands of people were in the Maldives or in Thailand to spend the Christmas holidays, when the irreparable happened. At 7:58 a.m. local time, a magnitude 9.1 earthquake hits Asia for 8 interminable minutes.

This causes, 15 minutes later, a tsunami with waves reaching 15 meters high, which violently hits the coastal towns. Everything is destroyed: houses, animals, cars, thousands of people.

A disaster that leaves the world speechless, who cannot help but watch the terrifying images of these moments. A disaster that could now also strike our seas, according to academics.

Tsunami: because it could also hit the Mediterranean Sea

It’s all the fault of climate change. The United States is already preparing, although with measures still insufficient for now, after scientists determined that the dreaded The Big One will arrive within the next 50 years, with waves up to 30 meters high. But even our Mediterranean Sea is not without risks, quite the contrary.

According to the researchers, in fact, by 2030 our sea will experience a similar experience. It is precisely for this reason that some coastal towns have already been included in the Unesco “Tsunami-ready” program. Chipiona, Cannes, Marseille, Istanbul and Alexandria in Egypt are at high risk, as are 40 other localities in the Mediterranean region.

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By 2030, UNESCO is trying to make the citizens of these urban centers as safe as possible, with evacuation maps, alarm systems and exercises designed ad hoc. A terrifying scenario that concerns us closely this time.

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