it’s amazing how many euros you can get with this

Numismatics is the “new” passion of millions of Italians who enthusiastically seek precious coins. There are many valuable coins including one that is worth a goof.

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All numismatic enthusiasts dream of finding the ultimate rare coin, one that has incredible value and can transform lives forever. Today, this desire could become reality, thanks to a specimen among the rarest among the various collector’s items and which is valued in thousands of euros.

After the farewell to the lira and the advent of the new minting, the coins of our old currency have acquired growing interest in the eyes of numismatists and experts. In recent days, we have already told you about the 50 lire, issued in 1954 and which today is worth more than 6000 euros.

Well, the one we want to talk about is worth more than 10 times more, a real treasure capable of changing the life of its owner and certainly not just a little.

Rare Coins: If you find THIS, you have changed your life forever

The specimen in question is among the most widespread at the time, and which those over 40 will still remember very well. We refer to the 100 lira coin Minerva, the one with the image of the goddess of antiquity on the side. That’s right, the one you could have bought candy with at the grocery store.

Issued from 1954, a few months earlier, the State Mint produced test specimens, complete with an inscription on one of the faces, at the foot of the mythological figure. However, the Institute never released these specimens, which are therefore now considered very rare and therefore highly valued. Obviously, the few pieces that still exist must be kept in excellent condition, to see the sale price take off.

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If held in Fior di Conio and with adequate protection, collectors today, especially at online auctions, are willing to pay you even more than 100,000 euros. An impressive figure, given its initial value. Better to check, in the cellars and attics, you never know that luck has decided to kiss you!

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