Italy, the remains of a city from the 5th century BC. were found: a sensational discovery

In Italy, the remains of an Etruscan city from the 5th century have been found. A sensational discovery. All the details of the excavation campaign.

Kainua, Bologna (Photo from Instagram)

In recent weeks, there have been considerable archaeological discoveries. Important pieces of a huge puzzle still under construction. Indeed, it is fascinating to know how our ancestors organized their lives, what were the habits and customs, the trades.

Before getting to the heart of the news, let’s discover a little more about the Etruscan people. They lived between the 9th and 1st centuries BC. AD in present-day Umbria and Tuscany. They were organized according to the dictates of the city-states and the first villages were built with huts made of wood and mud. They were among the main connoisseurs of the first notions of medicine.

Bologna, the remains of one of the oldest Etruscan cities have been found. Many valuable finds recovered by archaeologists

As just mentioned, the Etruscans were highly evolved for their time. The remains of an ancient city dating from the 5th century BC. have recently been discovered

We are located near Bologna and it is here that important excavation works have been carried out. We are talking about the city of Kaiuna which is one of the most important Etruscan colonies. The discovery is really sensational because the ruins of the old buildings have not been revived, but also valuable finds.

The campaign also made it possible to recover two terracotta heads representing female faces. It is assumed that they had symbolic meaning and were buried in the most sacred areas of the ancient city. We are in the presence of a truly priceless treasure.

The precious discovery not only enriches the collection of the museum of Bologna, but contributes to a much clearer vision of the habits and customs of the Etruscan people. Research in the archaeological field is of fundamental importance for the knowledge of civilizations.

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These findings allow us to better understand aspects of the daily life of this civilization – said the director of excavation works.

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