Italy in suspense in the face of the African anticyclone

August weather will be a scenario of rising heat and heat. The forecast advises us to be sheltered from the hottest days.

Weather (pixabay)

August has also arrived. It is the excellence to go on vacation. Thanks to very hot weather there will certainly be many departures. The resorts are ready from the beginning of spring to welcome tourists.

Due to a long pandemic that forced us into the house, there was a boom in bookings. The fact is that with the onset of spring, the Italian peninsula was invaded by exceptional heat. The sweltering South African heat came to lick the whole boot of the tricolor.

This can define some truly hellish heatwave moments. Italy is joined by the anticyclone Charon then Hannibal. A continuous torment due to the scorching days on all Italian regions. Nearly dried up riverbeds and crops were also badly affected.

Weather, hot August and cloudless skies, a month of scorching heat

Of course, the unease of Jehovah’s price increases, but with the drought there have been further increases. Unfortunately, there is no good news for the month of August. With the exception of a few sporadic thunderstorms in recent days, there is no escaping these abnormal heat waves.

Weather (pixabay)

Meteorologists warn us that the North African anticyclone will strengthen further in the coming days. Highs of 40 degrees are expected across the peninsula. Sardinia, Tuscany and Umbria will be those where the temperature column will increase the most.

Even light winds won’t help us. Only the north will be able to breathe in the middle of the week. For the rest, especially the center-south will be panting a lot and will have nowhere to take shelter. The possibility of sunburn is the order of the day. The advice always remains the same.

Those who are on vacation should wear a wide-brimmed hat and a sarong during the hottest hours. Stopping on the parasol or on the beach allows you to protect yourself.

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For the unfortunate few who stay in town, don’t go out during rush hour except in an emergency. Keep your body hydrated and a light diet by focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables. No to frozen drinks and cold showers. Caution should never be abandoned these days.

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