Italy, discovery of a new animal species hitherto unknown to science

Italy, discovery of a new animal species hitherto unknown to science. Great astonishment of the researchers. The details of the case.

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Nature is an inexhaustible source of beauty and wonderful discoveries. We witness truly unimaginable phenomena every day. It is changeable and sovereign. Sometimes he scares people with his unchallenged strength.

Everything related to it is continuously examined by scientists around the world who try to answer as many questions as possible. This is because it always offers us something new to research.

This is what happened on the wonderful island of Pantelleria, the undisputed paradise of Sicily. We know that it has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, as evidenced by the important discoveries made over the years. But that’s not all.

Pantelleria, a new animal species has been discovered: it is a locust belonging to the Acheta

Pantelleria is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily: breathtaking views, crystal clear sea, perfumes and contaminations that come from the neighboring city of Tunis.

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It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as the countless archaeological remains have reminded us over the years. Pantelleria, however, is the focus of research interest today for being the birthplace of a new animal species unknown to researchers.

We are talking about a kind of cricket that belongs to the Acheta family. The song of the animal, never heard before, caught the attention of entomologists. The recovery and research work was carried out by three local excellences.

The University of Palermo, the Edmund Mach Foundation and the Pantelleria National Park Authority are interested in finding this particular insect. Collected some specimens for analysis by the team. To date, it was completely unknown to the scientific community.

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For the moment, no name has yet been given to the new species. In this regard, in fact, the National Park has proposed a survey to the entire population so that they can find the most appropriate name for the newcomer of the Acheta family.

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