Italians on vacation, how much they spent this year: a recovery trend

Report on Italians on vacation in the summer of 2022, the data are encouraging: average spending on tourism and relaxation is increasing again.

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It’s been a summer of 2022 that has seen Italians, taking advantage of fewer restrictions compared to the last few years marked by the Covid, eager to go on vacation, relax and rediscover the life of yesteryear.

However, the holidays are coming to an end for almost everyone. Many have long since returned to work, others are enjoying the very last remnants of summer before leaving their vacation spots and returning to their cities. But it is already possible to draw up an exhaustive assessment of how things went. And the data seems to point to an overall positive picture.

As we said, there were many Italians who wanted to make the most of the holiday period. And so it has been, according to the first studies on the subject which indicate a trend of recovery in holiday spending.

Italians on vacation, the data reported by Coldiretti: the comparison with 2021

The comparison with the 2021 data, in particular, according to Coldiretti, shows an average expenditure up by 16%. Although it is true that this is a figure that could be largely affected by inflation linked to the recent economic situation.

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The total expenditure of Italians on vacation should therefore be around 22.6 billion euros. The number of people who decided to spend their holidays outside the city has also increased compared to a year ago at these times: the differential would be + 4%.

The average expenditure per person would be around 645 euros. Many of the tourists would have requested loans to go on vacation, even if 43% of vacationers, or almost half, had expenses of less than 500 euros.

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From the study, other interesting data emerge. Over 63% of holidaymakers moved in August, for an average holiday length of around 10 days (more than half, 53%, were on holiday for less than 7 days). The average expenditure, for 33%, concerned the consumption of meals in restaurants, pizzerias, fast food restaurants, etc.

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