it will be a fiery autumn for Italians due to increases

The famous consumer association warns citizens. A complicated autumn awaits us for Codacons due to increases and price increases.

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The famous consumer association is on a war footing due to what it thinks will be a “hot autumn” for all Italians. A bitter return therefore for the citizens, who will have to deal with increases and increases, according to the forecasts of the Codacons.

After all, we are not doing much better now, given that following the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the prices of fuel, petrol and diesel have skyrocketed and utility bills electricity and gas also suffered increases.

And that’s not all, given that the prices of many consumer goods have also increased and spending is now much more expensive than a few months ago. Yet, according to Codacons, it will get even worse in the weeks to come. Here’s what they predict.

Codacons forecast for the coming months is very bad

For the association, the next period will be on fire for the Italians, with a sting to come for each family, which will find themselves spending hundreds of euros more in a fairly short period of time, in an already so complicated period. and difficult. make the bonuses that despite everything the government has prepared against the high cost of living.

For Codacons between September and November, citizens will have to pay around 711 euros more per year. A real blow, but what is the cause of such bloodshed? Food expenditure will first have an impact, with an average increase of 10% per year, or around 16 euros more than a year ago.

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In addition, bills will experience a record increase in the months to come, with the drop in temperatures, and the association is calling on the Government to resort now to administered electricity and gas tariffs, to avoid what they define as a “disaster”. “.

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