it dates from more than a century ago

Stamps still on the rise. Their value reaches impossible roofs if they have an outstanding feature.

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They represent one of the oldest collections appreciated by enthusiasts. The stamps caught the eye of mere mortals as well as professionals. The matter that contains them is philately. This brief was used many years ago,

Perhaps the youth of today do not know of its existence. It was like a franchise, a fee paid for sending letters, registered postcards. They are tiny, almost like a veil, have a knurled edge and an effigy and what characterizes their importance.

Many stamps were produced on the occasion of an exceptional event, or to commemorate a solemnity. Today with the advent of technology between Messenger, WhatsApp and Mail have been pushed aside. Now they are just the protagonists of a few lucky collections.

“Residential” heritage stamps: we are worth a house

However, there are some that are really worth a fortune. It is part of an exceptional rarity and its value is as much as real estate. The very first that we know of is the Penny Black. Issued by the UK and still one of the most coveted today.

There is a coin that yields a truly incredible fortune, is worth a fortune, and its value is priceless. You have to rummage through the bric-a-brac at home or maybe go to your grandparents’ cellars or attics where something good will surely come out of it.

We are talking about a series of stamps that were produced more than a century ago. It was designed in grains which was the currency in use in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The currency was issued for a very short period and is therefore of great uniqueness sought.

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Finding these stamps is really a needle in a haystack, discovering them even more intact. If we realize we have one of these pieces dated 1858, we better sit down and take a deep breath. It takes time to process the consequence.

Indeed, the amount that will be due to him in the event of a sale will be worth a savings of 300,000 euros, but only if in an irreproachable state of preservation.

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