Invoices, government aid to cope with price increases: the bonus for cutting expenses

The bills, the increases weighing on taxpayers. The government is rushing to meet the aid that promises to revive the national economy.

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Great difficulties have arisen with the advent of the current year. Invoices remind us of this on a daily basis. It was from the start of the first quarter of 2022 that things in Italy certainly did not take a positive turn. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine was above all complicit.

The boot suddenly found itself in an absurd situation due to the crisis in the East. The Kremlin is the largest fuel supplier and has relied on supplying loyal customers. It added some stings to the prices but also limitations and also applies to Italy.

The prices of consumer goods recorded a notable increase precisely because of the rise in fuel prices. The trade is based on travel and a full tank of gas is essential. The workers are therefore asking for increases for transport and it is a “chain collision”.

Invoices, difficulties due to rising prices. The bonus that makes taxpayers breathe is coming

The advice to avoid increased expenses is to pay attention to the proper domestic use of electricity and gas. There are small strategies to put in place to try to cope with the expensive bills. If necessary, you can choose another electricity and gas supplier.

Bills (pixabay)

There are choices, just get informed, it can be worth it. At home, you can replace the lighting with conventional LED bulbs. They save money and have a very long life. Outside, you can opt for lights that are recharged by solar energy.

In these very hot days and with the sun reaching 40 degrees, the supply is guaranteed. At home, pay attention to the use of household appliances. Disconnect the plugs of the standby lights, even if it does not appear but the consumption has been highlighted. Dishwasher and washing machine should be used at night.

Fares are more subsidized. The air conditioner should only be turned on for a short time. Closed shutters will allow the good freshness to circulate in the house. It is news that the government has launched aid to meet the most disadvantaged citizens with a recently published decree.

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This is an invoice bonus that ensures reasonable savings of up to 170 in taxes. Anyone with an ISEE of less than 12,000 euros per household can obtain it. It is important to go to your accountant and know what to do.

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