Incredible discovery of 24 thousand square kilometers in the abyss

Extraordinary discovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean by researchers at Columbia University in New York. All the details on this exceptional find.

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A reservoir of fresh water has been discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. To make this extraordinary discovery, some researchers from Columbia University in New York.

The aquifer in question has an area of ​​approximately 24,000 square kilometres. This is an exceptional discovery because thanks to the availability of this fresh water, the driest regions of the world could be supplied.

The freshwater reservoir found in the Atlantic Ocean is located off the island of Martha’s Vineyard, between Massachusetts and New Jersey. We are talking about the greatest source on the planet.

Discovery of a large reservoir of fresh water at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

The presence of fresh water in the oceans has been known since at least the 1970s, so these are only new confirmations.

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The research was carried out following the drilling of the seabed by some oil companies in search of oil.

Researchers at Columbia University therefore sought to better understand the size of this immense aquifer. It was therefore confirmed that it was fresh water following a specific measurement, carried out with sensors that identified underwater electromagnetic fields.

This freshwater aquifer should have formed between 200,000 and 15,000 years ago, when the polar ice cap was gradually melting.

The lake then sank to the bottom thanks to the contribution of the rise of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, other similar fields in other waters are not excluded. However, extracting these waters would not be easy.

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It is therefore necessary to develop techniques to transport this water to the areas that need it. Considering the inconveniences caused by drought, these freshwater strata could be very useful in different regions of the world.

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