Incredible discovery at the other end of the world: it’s really gigantic

It’s something really unexpected that appeared in the last period. Amazing what was found.

Map and Glasses (Pixabay)

Researchers from all over the world can be said to try to find out every day what characterizes our planet Earth and some mysteries that have not yet been revealed today.

This, of course, applies to all countries, both in Europe and beyond our borders. In fact, it is not an easy task which, however, gives the possibility of making known a lot of information that without this research we would never have been able to know.

Precisely for this reason we must pay attention to what has been revealed recently and it is something truly incredible.

In this case, however, it is not something within Italian borders, but the discovery was made in China. In the next lines, therefore, we want to go deeper into a subject that deserves to be highlighted.

We are referring, to be precise, to what a group of quoted scientists found in the South Zone and which can easily recall what has probably been seen in some Hollywood movies so far.

From what was reported by the Xinhua agency, therefore, it leaves us rather stunned and perplexed. To be precise, in fact, it would be a gigantic abyss that can be defined as a karstic abyss.

The spectacular find

In this place, in fact, there would be a forest which, according to the researchers, could even contain species never seen before.

The South China Karst Chasm (Facebook)

But, to tell the truth, in this place, the county of Leye to be exact, more than twenty sinkholes had already been seen in the past. Now, in this context, for example, the depth of about two hundred meters is staggering.

Experts therefore claim that there could very well be four Colosseums in this territory and that the length would be 300 meters and the width itself 150 meters.

The trees that grow in these heavenly pits, as the Chinese define them, can reach 40 meters in height. They are so called because they look like a powerful representation of Eden.

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Additionally, there are also significant aquifers that provide water to thousands of people around the world. In short, absolutely something special.

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