in one region the situation is already critical

It’s certainly not a new problem, but it’s now overwhelmingly back and doing massive damage.

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At this time, of course, many parts of Italy, if not probably most of them, are struggling with abnormal heat which, it seems, is struggling to give us any respite.

Indeed, according to the latest weather forecasts, it seems that even the current week will certainly not be mild and, in fact, high temperatures will be present almost everywhere in the Bel Paese.

In any case, it is certain that in recent days the problem of drought has also been mentioned on several occasions, given that the so-called anticyclone of the Azores definitely affects the climate of Europe and the Mediterranean.

However, over the past few hours, it appears there is another issue that needs to be watched and is likely being addressed by those on duty.

Thus, it is Sardinia which, at this precise moment, would have another situation which would give it a hard time. No, it’s not just the heat, actually, but the insects in particular.

We are speaking precisely, as the title indicates, of grasshoppers. Indeed, the latter would be gradually conquering, so to speak, the cultivated lands, destroying the crops, the gardens and all that they find at their disposal.

According to certain reliable sources, this type of invasion would therefore have started in the province of Nuoro and then continued in the Tirso valley.

A difficult period for Sardinia

At the moment, moreover, it seems that more than twenty Sardinian localities are fighting against this unexpected event. So many hectares of land that, for the moment, have been damaged for this reason.

A glimpse of the Tirso Valley (Facebook)

It is a state of emergency for which the Region would have requested financial assistance. However, there does not seem to be an imminent solution at the moment.

To be precise, among other things, it seems that it is not a new condition that is occurring recently. On the contrary, such a puzzle had already occurred in the 1940s when a multitude of swarms of locusts had caused quite similar damage.

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So we will see if effective countermeasures will be taken as soon as possible to bring everything back to normal and give peace to those who own these lands massively invaded by insects.

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