In Europe there is the strangest and most mysterious beach in the world. It’s only three hours from us!

A few hours by plane from our country is the most incredible beach in the world. This magical place is located on the Old Continent, in Europe.

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August is winding down, but the temperatures don’t seem to drop, and it’s only natural to hear and see sunny beaches and crystal clear seas around. The seaside resorts remain, in fact, the most appreciated by Italians for their summer holidays.

Never like this year therefore, with the thermometer which marked peaks of up to 40°, did we want to be able to immerse ourselves in fresh water, to seek a little respite from these incredible heat waves.

In Europe, a few hours drive from our country, however, there is an unusual beach, particular for the rocks that make it up and that seem to come directly from an extraterrestrial planet. A fascinating spectacle that was even declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco almost thirty years ago.

It’s the weirdest beach in the world and it’s close to Italy

Let’s talk about the Giant’s Causeway, a beach located in Bushmills, Ireland. The place has something dreamlike and magical, thanks to the peculiarity of the stones that compose it, which are not only on the surface, but also under the surface of the water. The beach is also known as the Giant’s Causeway.

However, the place is not known for being the ideal place for bathing, but for the particular shape of its rectangular stones, which rise up to 28 meters and are products of lava and sea ​​erosion. A resolutely atypical show, visited each year by young and old and even dogs in the company of their masters.

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In 1986, Unesco decided to include it in the World Heritage Sites. Reaching it is not difficult: with a flight from Italy you can get there in about three hours. A site that is really worth the detour at least once in your life.

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