If you find this 20 euro note, you can celebrate

20 euro note, if you find one of these specimens with this strange writing you can rejoice. That’s what they’re worth! All the details.

Euro banknotes (Picture Pixabay.com)

Not all banknotes and coins in circulation have “just” the value that we all know. In fact, there are some that, for various reasons, are worth much more and are therefore highly sought after by enthusiasts.

For these reasons, if one of them ends up in our hands, it can bring us several hundred or even thousands of euros.

We would therefore do well to carefully check our pockets, wallets and drawers at home before spending lightly on the notes and coins at our disposal.

This is the case, for example, of a particular note of 20 euros. It is not just any banknote, but a very rare copy that has a particularity.

Note of 20 euros, beware of this strange writing: because it can really be very expensive

These are banknotes printed in a few copies because they are intended for authorities linked to the European Central Bank and other illustrious personalities.

Euro banknotes (Picture Pixabay.com)

On the front of the white area, where the watermark is present, is a small four-digit typographic number.

The special feature of these 20 euro banknotes that immediately catches the eye is the inscription “SPECIMEN” in red diagonally, which starts from the lower area and then reaches the top.

This writing also appears on the back of the ticket. A few hundred copies were printed and therefore these are R4 tickets. Banknotes signed by Wim Duisenberg are listed in the main catalogues. Their value is very high.

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Depending on the condition of these banknotes, they can be worth between one thousand and two thousand euros, if they are in perfect condition. In short, these are really good numbers! Therefore, the advice is always to carefully observe all our banknotes and coins.

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