identified prehistoric fish that rejected evolution

Curious scientific discovery: identified from fossils a particular prehistoric fish that rejected the process of evolution. All the details of the surprising research.

Fossils (Image from Pixabay)

Important and significant progress is being made in the scientific field. More and more often, we are witnessing the recovery and discovery of fossils from an incredibly distant past. Small pieces of puzzles that help us understand the phenomenon of evolution.

The evolution of life on planet Earth originated about 4 billion years ago and continues to be one of the most discussed and compelling topics for researchers today. Understanding how humans and animals evolved is critically important to understanding how they survived for so long.

Incredible scientific discovery: prehistoric fish preferred to return to water rather than stay on land

Today’s news is a bit of the opposite, as apparently the species in question would have rejected the evolutionary process, much preferring to return to water.

Qikiqtania wakei (Photo from Instagram)

The remains of a fish that lived about 375 million years ago have been found. Its appearance briefly resembles that of a modern eel: elongated body and small head. It appeared that these species left the bottom of the water where they lived, to try to lean on dry land.

The fact is, these curious animals decided that the land was not their natural habitat and opted for a reversal, to the point of returning to the water. The species in question takes the name of Qikiqtania wakei and belongs to the category of tetrapods, that is to say four-legged vertebrates.

The study was conducted by the University of Chicago and the first research took place in 2004. What does the study reveal? The animal in question is over 2 meters long and has a fin on the back of its body which allows it to swim more easily, especially underwater.

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The curious discovery wants to demonstrate how the evolutionary process has not been the same for all species that have inhabited the earth, since many have refused after just trying.

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