Ice Age human footprints have been found. The details

An invaluable discovery: footprints of human beings have been found that refer to the last ice age. All the details of the discovery.

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What has emerged in recent weeks is truly surprising, as the new studies shed light on pieces from a very distant past. Each piece is useful for assembling the components of the huge puzzle that represents life and evolution on Earth.

The real discovery took place gradually by scientists from the University of Utah: the first discovery, in fact, was a kind of hearth where particular human footprints were found. Now let’s get to the heart of the news to find out more.

Extraordinary archaeological discovery: recoveries of human footprints from the last ice age as well as a set of bones and weapons

As we have just mentioned, we are in the presence of a sensational discovery made by a team of scientists from a prestigious American university.

Prehistoric Man (Image from Pixabay)

The beginnings of the excavation campaign can be seen around 2016, when a first hearth was discovered. But around her, valuable artifacts have been brought back into vogue. According to the first analyzes made by the team, it was possible to date everything at the end of the last ice Age.

The place of discovery is located in a very large area which, according to scholars, could be the bed of a river. The group was amazed by what they learned, when not only bird bones (now coal), but also weapons were found around them.

From these first discoveries, it was considered appropriate to continue the research which brought to light, thanks to the radar, the presence of approximately 88 footprints belonging to man dating back more than 12 thousand years. Studies have shown that they belong to both adult men and children.

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This campaign of excavations is of fundamental importance to understand what were the habits and customs of our predecessors.

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