Huawei, the famous Chinese company talks about survival. What’s going on

In recent years it is a fairly widespread brand also in Italy. Now, however, there are issues to deal with.

Smartphone (Pixabay)

In recent years, as we know, we have had the opportunity to have more and more cutting-edge ultra-technological smartphones which, year after year, have given us the possibility of having more and more convenience and to be able to communicate immediately.

In short, nowadays, if by chance you went to any store provided, you could have a wide range of proposals and, so to speak, even be spoiled for choice.

Yes, because between the low, the medium and the high end, therefore, we only have to decide which one suits us, it really depends, precisely, on the personal needs of each of us.

What to say, the good performances have them all, whether you opt for a phone at a hundred euros or for the much more expensive. Of course, the difference is higher or lower quality performance.

Of course, in fact, when the price increases, it may be because, in addition to the perception of value, certain features increase its appeal such as, for example, memory or an excellent camera.

Be that as it may, there is a brand that has certainly already had a positive response from customers in various parts of the world. We refer, in fact, to Huawei, the well-known Chinese company from Shenzhen.

The present situation

In reality, the news would not have been officially confirmed, although, according to what has been reported, the founder Ren Zhengfei gave an absolutely not optimistic forecast for the future of this brand.

Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei (Facebook)

In this respect, the causes of this uneasy vision would be numerous such as, for example, the appearance of the pandemic, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine or even American sanctions.

According to the CEO, therefore, probably until the year 2025, we should opt for a policy of survival. This should therefore lead to job cuts in the company and also to some changes in business objectives.

However, it should be noted that this clarification has not been confirmed by top management, but in fact the Chinese media have leaked it like wildfire.

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We will therefore see what will be the fate of Huawei which, in truth, in recent years has grown a lot and has reached many users even in the Bel Paese.

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