How to earn 1,000 euros a day while sleeping: the explanation

It sounds incredible, but it is possible to earn 1000 euros a day simply by doing what comes most naturally to us: sleeping. How to do.

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It sounds absurd, but there are those who manage to get paid 1000 euros a day to… sleep. It’s true, an ingenious man of almost thirty earns in one night as much as an Italian workman, more or less.

And if you think the boy is part of a science experiment, you’re wrong, because he doesn’t depend on any doctor or pharmaceutical company.

According to the researchers, a human being needs to sleep an average of 8 hours a day, in order to store the energy necessary to meet his needs throughout the day.

Rest is essential, just think that for lack of sleep you can even die. it’s because it’s during sleep that our body kind of regenerates itself, preparing for the exertions and commitments of the remaining hours. So how did the boy get paid for something so natural and spontaneous?

An influencer earns 1000 euros a day for sleeping

To get the sensational idea, it’s 28-year-old Australian influencer Jakey Boehm, active on Tik Tok, who earns around AU$49,000 a month for waking up in the loudest way possible and imaginable. It sounds absurd, but there are people who are willing to pay to be able to do it.

@jakeyboehmI’m live right now! Join the party and control my room ♬ original sound – Jakey – Interactive Sleep 😴

The young creator is awakened by the soundtrack turned at full volume of the cartoons, but also by the dubstep music and many other effects and noises. Certainly a shocking way to start the day, and one that few would be able to endure. Not him, who made it a real trademark and allowed him to literally change his life.

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It’s certainly not all rosy, since the tiktoker follows a very rigid routine, falling asleep with effects that start every 15 seconds, just long enough to fall asleep, with sessions lasting up to seven hours.

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