Highway Code, important news to come for motorists

Highway Code, important news to come for all motorists. Expected changes underway for repeat fines and expired driver’s licenses. But not only. Everything you need to know.

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What do we mean by Highway Code? It is a series of laws that determine the behavior of cars (but not limited to) and pedestrians on the road. In recent months we have seen several changes, so much so that further innovations are expected.

Indeed, road safety is one of the most discussed and debated issues in government, as it is of fundamental importance to make the roads as safe as possible, to promote not only better traffic flow, but to ensure the safety of those who travel constantly.

Highway Code, a new decree approved in the Senate. News for all motorists

As we have just mentioned, new and important news concerning the rules of the road are about to arrive. In fact, a new amendment has been approved by the Senate which provides for a substantial change also with regard to the expired driver’s license.

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What are these variations? First of all, those who find themselves committing the same offense several times (and without having immediately contested) will only have to pay once. But as mentioned, this is not the only novelty in progress.

New rules are also being considered for owners of cars with a foreign license plate and those driving with an expired licence. Those who have not been able to register their vehicle (due to proven difficulties) will have five years to comply.

And the driver’s license instead? If it has already expired for five years, it will be necessary (to be able to renew it), to have to pass a practical driving test which can certify that we still have all the skills.

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If the driver’s attempt fails the first time, it will be necessary to wait for the next test and the driver’s license (in this specific case) will remain pending until a later date.

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