here are the changes to the Zukerberg app

The world of smartphones is constantly changing and that of apps is no exception: Zukerberg has brought the latest to WhatsApp!

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What do you do when in the world of technology, and in particular smartphone and application developers, the competition becomes increasingly fierce? We try to revolutionize things by introducing exciting news. This is what is happening on WhatsApp, a universally known instant messaging application bought by Mark Zukerberg from Facebook in 2014 for the modest sum of 19 billion dollars.

However, faced with the constant changes in the technological world, Mark Zukerberg understood that things had to be shaken up a bit. If you don’t want to run the risk of having users stolen from you by Telegram or Snapchat or apps like that. Here is the WhatsApp news from May!

WhatsApp introduces reactions and maxi groups

Inspired by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, reactions to messages on WhatsApp have been added. All this made it possible to make your opinion known without necessarily having to resort to a written message. Especially in WhatsApp groups with many members, it helps not to clog chats with unnecessary messages.

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The reactions currently available are 6 in number, although inspired by the now widespread and indispensable emojis, which are increasing in number. In particular, messages can be answered with thumbs up, heart, laughter, amazement, sadness, and gratitude.

The other new features have been announced and we will soon see them in action. Among these we find the possibility of creating groups containing up to 512 members, but also the possibility of sending files weighing 2 GB. The WhatsApp Community option has also been announced, which seems to be inspired by the concept of the WhatsApp group but with interesting details to discover.

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WhatsApp Premium is rather the version of the application dedicated to professional users, which we have not yet seen but which we are curious to discover. And finally the restyling of the audio function: we all remember the happy moment when we noticed for the first time that it was possible to speed up the reading of audio messages, perhaps a little too long!

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