heavy traffic. The days with a red and black stamp

Holidays, let’s see what are the exodus days in August, during which there should be heavy traffic on the highways. All the details.

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August has always been the month chosen by many Italians to spend their summer holidays. Many people decide to go on vacation during this month. And this year also does not seem to be an exception.

You might as well take the wheel to reach their holiday destinations. Departures have already started, so there was a lot of traffic last weekend. A trend that should also be confirmed next weekend (and beyond).

According to the ANAS calendar, traffic should remain normal until Thursday August 11. The situation is expected to worsen next weekend. The red vignette is expected in the morning and afternoon of Friday August 12.

Holidays, August exodus: the days with red and black vignettes on the highway

Black stamp instead for Saturday August 13 with red stamp for the afternoon. Stamp still red for Sunday August 14th. Monday, August 15, August 15, will be characterized by heavy traffic during the morning and afternoon.

Highway (Picture Pixabay.com)

From Tuesday August 16 to Thursday August 18, traffic should remain normal. On Friday August 19, the situation should worsen in the morning, with a red dot in the afternoon.

The still red dot is expected on Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 21. Monday, August 22 should be characterized by a high traffic morning and the rest of the day with normal conditions.

From Tuesday August 23 to Thursday August 25, there should be no problem situations. On the other hand, the days of Friday August 26, Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28 are marked with a red dot.

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Intense traffic on the morning of Monday August 29 and normal in the afternoon. Normal traffic also on Tuesday August 30, intense on Wednesday August 31.

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