he was buried in the glaciers

Discovery dated from prehistoric times, an anomalous find in a mine. Experts elated by the exceptional discovery.

Prehistory (pixaby)

The world has been inhabited for millions of years. The planet still reminds us of the discoveries and remains of some ancient civilizations. We know very well that we belong to the Neanderthals and that we are his heir. The globe has been populated by human beings since prehistoric times, as the discoveries tell us.

But even before that, it was overrun by mammoth creatures. The documents reveal their measurements and particularities. Truck-sized dinosaurs, mammoths and winged birds. Especially abroad, testimonies are emerging that leave experts and history speechless.

An event in North America testifies to a group of gold seekers who had stretched to the glaciers of the North Pole. The team was digging in a mine in the hope of soon coming into possession of a priceless treasure. The find in the ice was astounding.

Prehistory refers to a discovery of incredible value. Footsteps from the past resurface

Here, during these moist excavations, a figure emerges in a perfect state of preservation. Thanks to the permafrost, the mummy was able to arrive intact under the eyes of the professionals. At the very beginning of the 1980s, the mummified remains of a local inhabitant were discovered: the Blue Babe.

Prehistory (pixaby)

In practice it was a specimen of bison from the ancient era, an animal circulating on American lands. Thanks to modern technology, it was possible to learn many details about the mammal once it was examined. The miners of the time thought they had found a vein of gold.

They were so sure of it when they melted the frozen mass. Instead, they fell on the animal’s skull. Scientific research indicates that the bison was bitten by an Ice Age lion. The animal was virtually intact and there were teeth and claw marks on the carcass.

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According to the computerized construction, it is a Pleistocene bison. The era is one that historians and archaeologists have always loved. It is the time of Homo Erectus almost similar to today. The Blue Babe rests in the Fairbanks museum admired by tourists.

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