Greenland is targeted

The sunny land protagonist of the incursion of the powerful of the world. The subsoil is provided with valuable minerals for the future.

greenland minerals (pixaby)

A striking but true fact. A group of billionaires have teamed up to dig green earth and search for fruitful mineral strands. The region considered is the largest island in the world or Greenland. Land of ice and snow bordering the North Pole.

The activity was funded by the rich and wealthy of the world. Their interest is to bring up precious minerals such as nickel and cobalt. It would seem that the Arctic region has some. The melting of glaciers would facilitate the extraction of materials.

The project was carried out by the American Kobold Metals. It is a mining exploration company based in California. The company wanted to finance the mining plan with a very large sum. We are talking about an investment of $15 million.

All for one to discover the fruitful veins, the glaciers in the viewfinder of skimmers

The project was featured on CNN and the names of legendary American billionaires were spoken, including Bezos, Bloomberg and Gates. The idea tickled the great powers of the world who immediately declared their interest in participating with their pennies.

A reliable source says the project is trying to curb China’s control over grueling lithium and cobalt research. Minerals that are also rare to find will have full consideration in electronic equipment and in the production of batteries for electric cars.

The Globe scammers wanted to join forces and pour them all into extracting the materials identified on the island of Greenland. A team of experts and scientists has already been there and has drawn up a plan. It comprises 30 people including geologists, geophysicists, cooks, pilots and mechanics.

The melting ice has exposed endless virgin lands. The probes and samples taken testify to the presence of rare and precious elements such as exceptional reserves of coal, copper, gold and zinc. With the help of drones, it was easy to observe even from above.

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Ecologists cry out against the sacrilege and the violence of the natural trait. A voice from the government assures that Greenland is a country that strongly supports responsible development. Nothing will be done to the detriment of vegetation and ecology.

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