Goodbye sparkling water? Manufacturers find no carbon dioxide

Sparkling water is a treat for many, especially when drunk with a little ice and lemon. But maybe we should say goodbye for lack of raw material!

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We would never have thought of it, yet we found ourselves faced with a new problem: this time it’s the lack of a rather special raw material, an element that we usually think of when it comes to of chlorophyll photosynthesis, when it comes to trees. plants or respiration in general: carbon dioxide.

This time, however, we are not talking about science but about the production of sparkling water. In this period of economic and social crisis, between pandemic on one side, wars and droughts on the other, water producers are facing a significant shortage of carbon dioxide. The consequence? Making sparkling water has become almost impossible!

Without carbon dioxide, sparkling water is not produced

The first to raise the alarm about this strange situation was the president of the Sant’Anna company, Alberto Bertone, with these words: “I had to stop the sparkling water pipes, 30% of our production; carbon dioxide has become unobtainable, the suppliers with whom we have a contract have explained to us that it was no longer worth producing and have shut down the factories”.

(Ri Butov – Pixabay)

As a result, newspapers began sharing information about the near impossibility of accessing carbon dioxide supplies for all sparkling water producers. This is yet another water-related problem that Italy is facing this year: on the one hand, the drought that has dried up rivers and made it necessary to declare a state of water emergency in many regions Italian (for example Emilia-Romagna).

On the other hand, the apparently less pressing problem of the production of sparkling water, which nevertheless risks causing enormous damage to companies working in this field and to their income. All of this is linked to the general increase in energy prices, and therefore in production costs and above all transport costs.

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The industry that produces water is not the only one to suffer from the lack of carbon dioxide. Even the confectionery companies that use it for the production of their articles find themselves faced with a substantial shortage.

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