Goodbye heat? The end of the drought is near. Just missing!

Italy is increasingly in the grip of the heat and many are hoping that rain will soon arrive, halting the risk of drought. That’s when it will happen.

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For months, our country has been struggling with very high temperatures compared to the seasonal average and an almost total absence of precipitation. The government is preparing to tackle the problem with ad hoc decrees, which also provide for the rationing of water, which has become extremely precious.

The heat is very stifling and for this week the meteorologists predict a new rise in the degrees on the thermometer, which will even exceed 40 degrees. Thrilling figures, paradoxically, and which are of great concern to the Regions, especially for the most vulnerable people such as children and the elderly.

Northern Italy was particularly affected, where some Lombard and Venetian municipalities have banned the irrigation of vegetable plots and gardens during the day. Milan, for example, turned off the fountains to try to stem the waste of water. However, this alarming situation should soon be only a memory.

Suffocating heat: it is then that the rain will return to the country

Throughout the end of July and a good part of August, the heat will continue to dominate, with very high temperature peaks. However, this situation should gradually change from September.

After August 15, phenomena such as rains and thunderstorms will begin to present themselves, especially in the areas most affected by the drought, such as the northern high plains, the upper Adriatic and the northern and central Apennines. during the first days of September, the temperatures will remain high but not as high as the current ones, and there may be thunderstorms which will eliminate the specter of lack of water. It will be October to see the bulk of the change.

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During this month, according to the European Meteorological Center, Italy will be able to count on excellent rainfall that will last throughout the autumn and even winter, finally bringing a sigh of relief to the population, after months of great heat.

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