Goodbye bills? This could be the future with unlimited energy

The energy emergency is now at the center of the thoughts of many Italians, struggling with skyrocketing bills. What if energy became unlimited?

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It is the dream of many compatriots: to have infinite energy and therefore be able to say goodbye to very expensive electricity bills. With the current systems it is a desire that remains so, because it is not feasible.

There are many ways that man has used by harnessing nature in order to obtain the much desired energy. Think of mills of the past, dams, wind turbines and finally solar panels.

The latter are now present in many Italian homes and seem to be a good alternative to more traditional methods. However, this does not solve the problem at the source and which worries European governments quite a bit, especially after the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which literally brought the surrounding countries to their knees as well. But what if a solution is possible in the future?

Unlimited energy? In the future it may be possible

In fact, there are projects that professionals are working on that could give us greater energy independence in the near future. This is a research related to batteries. Today we use them in different areas, starting with certain devices to those found inside our smartphones.

Indeed, prototypes of graphene batteries are being studied. This element was discovered somewhat by chance by two Russian physicists in 2004, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. The couple won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 and since then many studies have been carried out to understand the multiple uses that can be made of it.

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In particular, the batteries in question would be able, unlike those currently used, to provide an autonomy of several weeks without being recharged, thus resulting in savings also at the electrical level.

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