found the statue of the mighty roman emperor

Incredible archaeological discovery: statue of the powerful Roman emperor discovered in Turkey. All the details of the excavation campaign.

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Important archaeological discoveries are made all over the world. These discoveries not only enrich the cultural heritage, but also help us to understand a past that is very distant to us.

Scientists and archaeologists are constantly looking for answers that often come by chance. An excavation campaign, indeed, can hide real surprises. Let’s find out what happened in Turkey and take a closer look at the important discovery.

Turkey, the remains of the statue of Marcus Aurelius have been found. A surprising discovery

During an excavation campaign in the Turkish city of Sagalassos, the remains of a gigantic statue of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius were unearthed.

The recovery work was very intense and it was necessary to isolate the area to be excavated from the rest of the area. Some of the parts of the statue were found in the frigidarium. Things? It is basically a kind of modern pool containing cold water, where the Romans used to dive.

It was discovered that this structure was destroyed by a powerful earthquake around 540 AD. The whole region of Sagalassos has been the focus of scholars’ attention for about a decade and the discovery of the statue has opened the doors to new considerations regarding the figure. by Marc Aurelius.

As we said earlier, at the moment only a few pieces of the powerful statue have been found, but it is believed that it is possible that under the room containing the frigidarium is a kind of printed gallery of the images of the members of the family.

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Research work continues today and important analyzes have been carried out on the statue. As for its structure, it turned out to be more than four meters high. Only the head, in fact, measures about one meter. It will be necessary to wait for the next campaign to recover all the components.

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