found the remains of a T-Rex-like dinosaur

Exceptional discovery of the world: the remains of a dinosaur very similar to the T-Rex have been found. Never seen before.

T-Rex (Image from Pixabay)

Before catapulting us to the heart of the news, let’s specify the discipline that deals with the study of dinosaurs: it is paleontology. It is a fascinating science to say the least, which is interested in all forms of life (which have inhabited our planet) and their development and disappearance.

Paleontologists do exciting work, as they are also able to physically reconstruct extinct living beings, being able to understand their behavior, where they lived and even their habits. For dinosaurs, in particular, they study their survival.

Argentina, the remains of a Meraxes gigas have been found. He looks incredibly like a T-Rex

In recent weeks, news about dinosaur fossil discoveries has been on the agenda more and more. By doing so, it is possible to provide a more complete picture of what their life on Earth was like.

The news comes from distant Argentina, where a team of paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaur. Characteristic of this living being are the arms disproportionate to the rest of the body and reminiscent of those of a T-Rex.

We are in the presence of Meraxes – formidable predator of Patagonia. The discovery took place in what is currently the northern area of ​​Argentine Patagonia. It turned out that the huge creature was more than 10 meters long with a weight far exceeding 4 tons.

The research – which was later published in the renowned journal Current Biology – reported that the geographical area where the large dinosaur lived was characterized by a hot and particularly humid climate, with the presence of many streams and trees. .

The Meraxes it is one of the giant carnivorous dinosaurs and just like the T-Rex and is characterized by very small forelimbs that are completely asymmetrical with respect to the rest of their body.

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An almost complete fossil was unearthed, which allowed them to come to an important conclusion: the dinosaur in question evolved earlier than the first appearance of Tyrannosaurus.

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