found the protein that acts on a particular human being

A recent discovery could certainly change our lives for the better. In fact, we have found a protein that acts on a particular process.

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A new discovery by scientists could revolutionize our lives for the better and lead to more information about the human body and how it works. This is not nothing, if we consider that there are sides that we continue to know and discover almost in a continuous flow.

In particular, researchers have discovered a protein that would affect the functioning of our process, with which we often and voluntarily find ourselves, especially us women, to fight.

But what is it and how does it affect? One of the study’s authors, Joseph Sclessinger, who later saw it published on PNAS, went into great detail about what the discovery is about and the results are nothing short of amazing. Results that could then also be used in other areas.

What is the discovery made by scientists. How Protein Works

The protein in question has been renamed Augmentor-alpha and has the incredible ability to save us energy when we fast, effectively shutting down our metabolism and preventing suffering. Not a small discovery, as Sclessinger himself explains: “It’s as if he were telling us, ‘Hey, you’re out of food, don’t consume so much energy!’

According to Yale researchers, the protein could lead to the creation of new drugs for those with metabolic problems. It is mainly expressed with agRP neurons, which are located in the brain region of the hypothalamus. Being able to inhibit or enhance the effects of Augmentor-Alpha would also be essential for those who suffer from eating disorders.

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Indeed, it could help anorexics to gain weight and, on the contrary, obese people to lose too many extra pounds more easily.

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