found salt mummies dating back 10 thousand years ago

A sensational archaeological discovery: a series of salt mummies dating from 9550 BC. have been found – the PHOTO not to be missed.

Archaeological Campaign (Image from Pixabay)

There are truly surprising archaeological finds that not only satisfy researchers’ thirst for knowledge, but also help to clarify the ways and customs of our ancestors.

Our history is so full of mystery that one lifetime will not be enough to learn everything that happened before us. It is precisely for this reason that it is essential to disseminate scientific knowledge as much as possible.

Incredible archaeological discoveries: the remains of salt mummies found in an Iranian cave

The news comes from the cultural heritage conservation center of Zanjan province which, with the help of German institutions, has done an excellent job of recovering the very special mummies.

The excavation campaign has very distant origins, we must dive into the past until 1993 at the dawn of the very first work in the salt mine. Inside, a priceless treasure has been recovered.

The remains of some mummified men were found in an excellent state of preservation. Let’s find out in detail what it is and what surprised researchers the most.

It was the local miners who found the first remains formed by different body parts, some with hair and a long beard. Others were accompanied by utensils such as potsherds, slings and silver needles.

The mummies were recovered and after being subjected to carbon analysis, they were put on display at the Zanjan Salt Men Museum. The state of preservation due to the salt struck, which also managed to preserve the integrity of the organs.

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This valuable discovery is the result of a ten-year research effort that saw the collaboration of two important countries who used the skills of the other to guarantee an optimal result.

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