found an ancient star map from over 5000 years ago

Incredible archaeological discovery: discovery of an ancient star map dating back more than 5,000 years. A mystery to solve.

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The origins of the valuable archaeological find recorded in Iraq have long been debated. After careful analysis, it was concluded that it might be Sumerian. Who are the Sumerians? They are among the oldest peoples who have lived on our planet. They settled in what is now Iraq.

They were among the first to build cities and were skilled builders of walls to defend their settlements. They were divided into city-states ruled by kings aided in their choices by powerful priests. Their religion was polytheistic, that is, they believed in the existence of different gods.

Among the major inventions, how not to mention writing: they used cuneiform writing which was printed on clay tablets. Learning to write was for a privileged few. These became scribes and occupied a prestigious position in society.

An evocative star map printed on a tablet has been found in Iraq

As we mentioned a short time ago, a surprising discovery has been made: an ancient tablet dating back more than 5000 years. Impressed on them many cuneiform symbols.

The awarding of the star map has long been debated. It was believed, in fact, that she was Assyrian and not Sumerian. But the analyzes confirmed the attribution to the people of Mesopotamia. What is it about? We are in the presence of an astrolabe.

The astrolabe is an ancient instrument capable of mapping the stars. In fact, a kind of stellar mother is printed on the tablet with various inscriptions around the rim of the star. The location of the discovery is also quite unusual, as it was found in the ancient library of Ashurbanipal.

Research is currently underway, as it has been reported that several parts are still missing to complete the map. Today it is kept in the British Museum. It is an extraordinary proof of the knowledge of the stars by the Sumerians.

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The discovery, in fact, opens the doors to many avenues of reflection and makes us understand how ancient peoples were already able to foresee and deal with totally unknown phenomena.

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