found a 19th century shipwreck. The details

Sensational archaeological discovery in the abyss: a highly prized 19th century shipwreck has been found by a team of scientists. Details not to be missed.

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It is generally imagined that the discoveries take place only and exclusively on the surface: like fossils, buried cities, ancient coins. But in reality, even the depths of seas and rivers hide unimaginable secrets. Something we never thought possible.

These are different excavation campaigns that are organized by underwater archaeologists. Very recently, in fact, an important new piece has been added to the puzzle with the discovery of a very precious artifact.

Lido di Venezia, the remains of a wreck that sailed our waters in the 19th century have been found. what a find

It is a discovery that took place in Italy, precisely in Venice and which saw the involvement of the University of Udine, but also of the Superintendence of the lagoon city and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

Wreckage (Photo from Pixabay)

As we have just mentioned, the important discovery was skilfully guided by the team of archaeologists from the University of Udine who concentrated all the work near San Nicoletto beach in Venice.

We are in the presence of a wreck that sailed the waters in the 19th century. Recovering it was not so easy, as several preliminary investigations were carried out before proceeding with the work. First, it was necessary to precisely identify the area.

Subsequently, divers also intervened who best identified the area which would then be beaten by underwater archaeologists. These preliminary cognitive activities carried out on the wreck are only the first stage of a more complex project.

These are the words of archaeologist Alessandro Asta. The remaining operations such as recovery and cleaning, on the other hand, were carried out with the students of Udine who analyzed the components of the highly prized historical artifact in all its components.

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This type of discovery only increases the cultural heritage of the lagoon city, aiming more and more to enhance the territory.

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