Fortune Goddess kisses a player. An astonishing sum

Every day, millions of Italians play Scratch and Win. Recently, the goddess Fortuna decided to reward a player with a millionaire heist!

Scratch and Win (Instagram screenshot)

Instant lotteries are taken by storm every day by many Italians who decide to try their luck and perhaps change their lives with a big win. Coming into force in 1994, they involved a large number of compatriots from the start. So much so that the most valuable ticket, at the time 100 million lire, was not won until a month and a half later, by a good Tuscan.

Today, in bookstores and tobacconists, there are many Scratch and Win coupons, with different prices starting from a few euros and reaching up to 2 million or more, in some cases. “Tourist forever”, for example, even promises a monthly income for a period of about 20 years, and has become one of the most popular tickets.

A few weeks ago, but the victory was only made official in these hours, a lucky player was literally kissed by luck, rewarded with a truly incredible sum.

Scratch and win: an unrivaled prize for a Lombard player

News only bounced online in the last few hours, but the payoff came on June 15, when a customer at La Vergine bar-receiver on Via Comasina in Verano Brianza purchased a coupon from the series Maxi Billionaire, scoring a “Bang”.

As tradition dictates, the identity of the winner remains unknown, but given the heavy influx of truckers from the bar, located near State Road 36, it is not excluded that he is one of them . The owner of the club was naturally warned, and the celebrations began, since the mysterious lucky guy won the beautiful 2 million euros.

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The last such victory in Lombardy took place in January 2021, when in Vaprio d’Adda a 70-year-old pensioner won the incredible sum of 5 million euros.

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