“Flashes of light”, the Sun attracts the attention of scientists: the incredible discovery

The Universe is unfolding in the Sun, scientists have gathered to check emissions from the large star that rules the solar system.

The sun (pixaby)

NASA has shared an amazing photo of the Sun on Instagram showing great news regarding space research. The latest technologies developed have made it possible to take giant steps in the detailed and more direct observation of space phenomena.

In particular, the studies have focused on the largest star in the solar system, in this case the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, a powerful telescope that has photographed the Sun very closely, noting quite particular phenomena never seen before.

These are X-rays that come directly from the large star and propagate into the surrounding space. The telescope showed that these are emissions of different intensity and essentially of two types which NASA has divided into two colors: green and blue.

The Sun is the protagonist of a scientific discovery never made before

These shades serve simply to differentiate the intensity of the energy of the emissions, green the least intense, blue the strongest. These fluxes are expressed in electronvolts. In all cases, these are high energy emissions as can easily be deduced from the power of the Sun.

Sun (instagram)

This image was obtained thanks to a vast project called Solar Dynamics Observatory set up by NASA for ten years. The program aims to study the sun in general and the influence it has on our planet over time.

At the moment this is the first result obtained, but the resolutions for the future are very interesting and promising. NASA has also studied how these X-rays come from heated gases which refer to around 3 million degrees.

The image in question was obtained thanks to a larger project called Solar Dynamics Observatory set up by NASA which aims to study the Sun in general and its influence on the Earth.

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The instrumentation of the DSO is divided into one instrument which will measure the emission of solar ultraviolet radiation at a uniform rate. Another ingenuity studies the solar variability and the last will reflect the image of the solar disk in the different ultraviolet bands.

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