Fines up to 4k for those who break this traffic rule

We do not mess with the rules of the road, especially when it comes to maintaining the safety of drivers of vehicles on the road.

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It is sure, at least once in his life, each driver will have had a fine. Violating the highway code, that is to say the set of rules to be observed when driving on any type of vehicle, you risk incurring more or less high penalties.

The idea behind fines is that the lower the actual risk to driver safety, the lower the amount of the fine. The greater the risk, the greater the amount to be paid to the State for violating a rule enshrined in the highway code.

Speeding is punishable by very high fines and the revocation of the driving license

In particular, there is a rule to which quite significant penalties are attached. We are talking about speeding, punishable by fines so high that they can reach almost 4,000 euros in some cases. According to the Highway Code, in fact, those who commit speeding equal to or greater than 60 kilometers per hour above the established limit may be fined up to 3382 euros and incur the suspension of the driver’s license. .

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The reason is simple: depending on the characteristics of the road you are on, exceeding the speed limit at this point makes our vehicle potentially uncontrollable in the event of accidents or unforeseen events. The risk to the life of the driver and those traveling on the road around him therefore becomes very high.

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In addition, in the event of a repeat offense, the driver who violates this rule at least twice more within the first two years from the first fine will be irrevocably revoked. This is stated in Article 142 of the Highway Code regarding speed limits. Those who go slowly go healthy and go far… and above all they don’t pay thousands of euros in fines!

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