fine up to 4 digits for offenders

Those who break traffic laws risk increasingly high fines, especially in these specific cases!

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The rules contained in the highway code aim above all to ensure the safety of vehicle drivers and those around us. Everyone will however have at least once transgressed these rules and received more or less high fines to pay.

In the management of road traffic offences, we are faced with an ever-increasing hardening of penalties, especially if we break two very specific rules of the Code: on the one hand, exceeding the speed limits and not respecting the safety distance. On the other, the concealment of the license plate. But what numbers are we talking about and why do we have to pay so much attention to the license plate?

Very high fines for those who do not handle the license plate in the right way

Understanding the reason for severe penalties in the event of speed limits or safety distances not being respected is simple: the higher the speed, the greater the risk of serious accidents, due to the difficulty in managing the vehicles. The smaller the safety distance, the more difficult it becomes to brake in time in the event of unforeseen events and, therefore, the risk of an accident increases.


But what about the license plate? The license plate should be seen as a kind of business card for both the vehicle and the driver. It is thanks to this that the police are able to trace the name of the driver and that the fines we take for speeding in front of a radar know exactly where to arrive.

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In the event of transgression with regard to the correct use of the plate, we can therefore incur fines of astronomical figures, which even exceed 8,000 euros. A counterfeit, dirty or inconspicuous license plate can therefore mean a penalty that we will never forget. Good behavior on the street is therefore the right choice for our safety, that of others and that of our wallet!

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