finally revealed the precious secret of the ancient Romans

Curious archaeological discovery: one of the most precious secrets of the ancient Romans has finally been revealed. What is it about?

Roman Forum (Image from Pixabay)

The construction technique of the ancient Romans is still envied today for its structure and solidity. They have adapted over the years according not only to the places, but also to the materials. So much so that Roman architecture is one of the greatest testimonies of this ancient and marvelous people.

The development of the technique is due in particular to cementitious: it is a particular material which was mainly used in the oldest period and which is made up of different substances such as mortar which in turn is made up of rough stones or even very large fragments of the latter, however, broken.

Incredible discovery, a secret kept by the ancient Romans emerges after about 2000 years

The mixture created in it is very resistant to water and over time even manages to harden more and more, to the point of becoming indestructible.

Roman Bridge (Image from Pixabay)

We are in the presence of something truly extraordinary and which has managed to survive as it is for more than 2000 years. A real secret that the ancient Romans kept with care. As we have just mentioned, the particularity of this concrete is the fact that over time it becomes harder and harder.

But that’s not all, because this material also manages to resist the corrosive action of seawater. Incredible how they managed to do this if you consider the fact that to this day even the most advanced chemical technology is incapable of combating salty sea water.

The extraordinary nature of this discovery led a group of scientists from an American university to conduct research and try to understand what is behind this construction prodigy. Materials such as aluminum tobermorite have been found inside the concrete.

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They even plan to use this very special building material today and will most likely be used in Wales to build some sort of barrier over the Bristol Channel.

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