Fighting expensive gasoline with a “water hybrid engine”? What stands out

Is it really possible to try to fight expensive gasoline with a “water hybrid engine”? What is real? The details of the case.

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The sudden increase in gasoline is a problem that worries Italians extremely, because out of the blue the cost of diesel fuel has increased exponentially. Characters like this have never been seen before and we need to take cover as soon as possible.

Many tricks have been devised to try to save on a full tank of gas, such as leaving late at night when it costs less or in particular distributors to remove a few cents from the overall bill. But what about a water motor?

France, the great success of the famous hybrid water engine invented by Laurent Baltazar is repeated

This innovative system comes from France and is something already tested in the past. The extraordinary discovery is due to the inventor Laurent Baltazar who renamed his engine with the name of Eco Water.

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What are we talking about? What do we have in front of us? The famous Breton inventor has patented a real kit: it is a water injection system that promises 20% less consumption, these are his words.

As we have just mentioned, in fact, the increase in oil has not only affected our country, but also in France it is becoming a real scourge. However, this patent was well received by users hoping to save as much as possible.

Indeed, this ingenious system has already been considered by several motorists. What are the advantages ? Initially, consumers realized that with the kit installed, consumption is optimized thanks to distilled water.

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A fifth of gasoline that is not needed for combustion is replaced with distilled water – explained the well-known company Bosh. What does it mean? That not all diesel fuels are useful for combustion.

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