Ferrari, extraordinary auction for the Formula 1 champion car: legendary beauty

The news has Formula 1 Ferrari fans excited. The winning card for the won titles will be auctioned off.

Ferrari (pixabay)

It is one of the symbols that characterizes the Italian peninsula. Ferrari is a real institution in the country of the tricolor. Maximum splendor was experienced with the excellent Michael Schumacher. The ex-driver was able to juggle very well with the luxury bodywork of the Maranello house.

Thanks to the excellent synergy between Schumacher and the historic red car, the Formula 1 team was not short of victories. Pole positions are numerous thanks to the most outstanding couple in the motor GP. A complicity made of respect and rigor of work.

The legend has always been acclaimed. The plot of the sample remained indelible in the memories of fans and non-fans. Schumacher is the one who managed to bring a class team to its laurels. Graduating in wins has been a winning bet for a few years.

Ferrari at auction, the car of the former gold champion will be sold for an astonishing figure

An auction has taken place where a Ferrari chassis from One Thousand and One Nights will be on display. The car will be sold to the highest bidder. The car in question is the Ferrari F300 with chassis number 187. It is the prancing horse that has won the most victories with Michael Schumacher.

The 4 consecutive successes where the very good German driver successively won the races are indelible in the history of the world GP. Always at the forefront with so much stubbornness, the Ferrari in question has managed to maintain its value at a high level. The car entered the ranking of the most coveted four-wheelers with force.

It has become a cult and a real myth. The winning car has an 800 horsepower engine and many industry players will certainly try to bid. Sotheby’s will start bidding on a base of $6 million. By August 20, we will know who will be the new owner of the historic red car.

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The champion car will maintain over time the reputation of merits that have marked history. Impossible not to remember his exploits and blows in the last laps. The beautiful Made in Italy will be treated with respect. Schumacher’s honor once again reaffirmed.

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