Fan, who created the enemy of heat: you would never have thought that

Let’s find out who was the inventor of the fan, an object present in almost all our homes to face the heat of the summer months. All the details.

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In these days characterized by high temperatures, one of our important allies in the fight against extreme heat is certainly the fan. It is an object used by many people not only in Italy, but all over the world.

This tool, used especially in the summer months, when the temperatures are actually higher, is able to move the air providing relief to all those who suffer from the heat.

We all take the fan for granted, but it’s not something that’s been around forever. However, the origin of this instrument is much older than we think.

Fan, who invented this indispensable object during the summer

In fact, it was around AD 180 that Tin Huan in ancient China decided to create a seven-wheel mechanical fan with ten wheels in diameter for the rulers of the Han dynasty.

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This instrument, thanks to the servos, could turn and create wind. According to the sources, it is possible that this tool was originally developed for production reasons, that is, in order to separate a herbaceous plant, the tares, from the wheat.

In more modern times, Omar-Rajeen Jumala in 1832 built the first mechanical fan to improve conditions in coal mines and factories. In 1882, however, Schuyler Skaats Wheeler designed the first electric fan for household use.

The fact is that at the moment the fan is very common in the homes of Italians (and not only). In fact, it is an object that consumes much less than air conditioners and also costs much less than air conditioners.

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Sure, fans take up more space and make more noise than air conditioners, but they certainly manage to bring some coolness to anyone who uses them during the summer months.

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