Family tragedy, little girl found dead at home. A drama

Family tragedy, little girl found dead at home. An unprecedented drama and a macabre discovery, to say the least. The details of the case.

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Chilling is the correct term for what has happened in the past few hours. The news definitely shocked public opinion, plunging our country into total darkness. When children are targeted, when they are the victims, something strong is triggered in us.

Believing what happened is almost impossible. It’s hard to think what could have happened during those hours to an innocent child without blame. Let’s find out together what happened after the first interrogations and the very first investigations into the case.

Milan, an unprecedented tragedy. 16-month-old baby girl left alone at home by her mother. Found lifeless

Found lifeless and starved to death at just 16 months old. This is what happened to a little girl from the Milan region who was left alone by her mother for about a week.

Alessia Pifferi (Photo from Instagram)

Terrifying news. The first investigations revealed that no trace of violence had been found on the body of the young girl. She was found dead in her camping bed with a full bottle beside her.

His mother, Alessia Pifferi, 37, is arrested, charged with willful and premeditated murder. According to the statements of the woman, she would go to her new partner in Lecco, leaving the little girl alone in the house.

After having washed and dressed her, he made her drink milk which contained powerful tranquilizers inside. From what emerged, the woman returned to Milan to accompany her boyfriend, without ever returning home.

I knew it could happen like this – he clearly told Gip Milan. Throughout the interrogation, where she showed herself capable of understanding and willing that she was silent in the face of certain specific questions.

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For the moment the woman is in police custody and the seizure of the goods is planned as well as the autopsy of the body of the little girl.

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