“Extraterrestrial” sharks overseas, one detail left you speechless: they walk

Sharks belonging to a species discovered in Oceania that made experts shiver. A movement never seen in marine waters.

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Just hearing about it already triggers a series of chills on the body. Perhaps because the movies took the leap and made a very successful trend, the fact is that sharks are scary. Yet experts ensure that these immense masters of the oceans never attack first.

Extensive study has revealed that a bizarre predatory oversight causes them to confuse divers with their favorite prey: seals. In fact, they mostly attack surfers because they wear the slippery black suit. To the touch, they might look like the skin of sea lions.

The seas are home to a variety of shark species. There are many specimens although we know few of them and the most nicks. The most dangerous are the white shark, the tiger shark, the mako shark. Frightening beings with voracious mouths and an indefinite number of teeth.

Shark walking on the gills, an incredible case

From Oceania comes news that has made fans jump. A real wonder at the sight of certain species of sharks which have an exceptional prerogative. They walk on their own feet. It’s a unique case, but that’s how it is.

It sounds like a movie story but that’s it. The designated sharks are about a meter long, colorful and have very flexible gills. Thanks to these mobile and undulating limbs, they act as feet for walking on the sandy bottom.

The amazing thing is that these little fish come out of the water for a short time and walk on dirt and stones. A shocking fact but noted by the various amateur videos. In practice, the fins become the legs to move and also quickly.

It’s not the only species that can take advantage of fins. The research team was amazed by this discovery and even published it to publicize it. A success that has drawn attention to an area of ​​Australia where a certain biodiversity lives.

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The new continent became the protagonist of the first species belonging to “foreign” sharks, even if of smaller dimensions. Australia holds the record for this discovery that really left everyone speechless

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