Extraordinary discovery, a unique treasure emerges from the excavations

A marvelous new discovery emerged during the sixth excavation campaign: a unique treasure. All the details.

Archaeological digs (Picture Pixabay.com)

Extraordinary discovery in San Casciano dei Bagni, a small village in the province of Siena. Wonderful treasures have emerged from the excavation campaign carried out at the Etruscan and Roman sanctuary of Bagno Grande.

Hot and curative water pools, terraces, colonnades, fountains and water games. It was in 2020 that excavations began in the Bagno Grande area, in San Casciano dei Bagni.

During the first discoveries, archaeologists discovered a sanctuary with a “sacred reservoir”, where every year the pilgrims who came from the region in Etruscan and Roman times brought offerings to the deities.

During the sixth excavation campaign, which took place this summer, more than sixty experts from fifteen research institutes alternated between the archaeological site of San Casciano dei Bagni and the Restoration Laboratory of the Superintendency of Grosseto.

Extraordinary discovery, a unique treasure has emerged

Excavations have restored the perimeter of a large Etruscan and Roman sanctuary. The sanctuary turned out to be much larger, with altars, pools and sacred buildings.

Archaeological digs (Picture Pixabay.com)

Archaeologist Jacopo Tabolli, who teaches at the University of Foreigners in Siena, explained.

A context without equal in Italy and in the ancient Mediterranean.

An extraordinary find

for the size of the sanctuary area, much larger than we could imagine, with several sacred buildings, altars, pools.

During the excavations, very rare and high-quality objects were found, such as a bronze womb. said Tabolli.

In Etruscan and then Roman sanctuaries dedicated to fertility, it is common to find wombs in terracotta, while in bronze they are very rare.

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In addition, a bronze ear, leg and penis, also made of bronze, were found, along with more than three thousand coins.

out of the mint of Rome and – explained the archaeologist – immediately brought to San Casciano to honor the sanctity of the place and most likely its founding moments.

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