Expensive gasoline? Now you can save it with a very simple trick

The increase in petrol and diesel is bringing many Italian motorists to their knees. However, there is a great trick to put in place to save.

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These are difficult times for Italian motorists who find themselves having to “fight” against the vertiginous increase in petrol and diesel and the Telepass tariffs adjusted upwards. Today, getting around Italy is a real drain and more and more drivers are trying every means to save money.

Codacons recently looked at the nation’s most expensive stretches of freeway, and the data cringes. A trip from Milan to Lecce, Salento, one of the most popular destinations for vacationers, involves a round trip cost of 250 euros with an unleaded petrol car. Without forgetting the Bolzano-Trapani section which exceeds 400 euros.

All this with the approach of early August, a key month for motorway traffic, which will also see the end of the reduction in excise duties decided by the government. A real blow for the citizens. To the rescue, however, comes a trick to save, easy to implement and legal.

Fuel to the stars: the trick to save it

In such a situation, it becomes essential for drivers to optimize the use of fuel, avoiding any waste and making it last as long as possible. A different use of air conditioning in this case can make the difference.

Its use can affect fuel consumption by 10%. how to travel fresh but without spending a fortune? If we are struggling with a short, low-speed journey, such as a city tour, it is better to limit ourselves to using the car’s fan, also keeping the windows open to circulate the air.

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With a cruising speed above 80 km/h you can use the air conditioning instead, provided you keep the windows strictly closed. It is also important to avoid sudden accelerations and decelerations: it is better to favor soft braking, to avoid seeing the fuel level drop suddenly.

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