“evidence” of extraterrestrials on Earth is emerging. The details

Astonishing discovery: significant “evidence” emerges from the passage of extraterrestrials on Earth. Details not to be missed.

Alien Tracks (Image from Pixabay)

With the term UFO, we mean an unidentified aerial object or phenomenon. According to this definition, it is also possible to include in this grid the aircraft which suddenly appear on the radar without having communicated their presence beforehand.

Over the years, UFO reports have steadily increased, confirming what the conspiracy theory is about these unidentified objects. According to what emerged, in fact, extraterrestrials would have inhabited our planet leaving many traces.

Discovery to say the least sensational: according to the writer Erich Von Däniken the traces of extraterrestrials are present on many archaeological finds

Erich Von Däniken is one of the leading conspiracy experts. His books on mysterious archeology are particularly well known.

Erich Von Däniken (Photo from Instagram)

In fact, he claims that angels, deities and extraterrestrials inhabited our planet many years ago, leaving their traces more than distinctly. His interest is particularly focused on archaeological discoveries that contain these mysteries.

According to what was reported by the researcher, the theories about the extraterrestrial presence are more than confirmed by the presence of certain signals on prehistoric finds. Over the years, in fact, particular examples have been found in which particular species can be seen wearing headdresses similar to space suits.

What does Erich Von Däniken claim? According to his studies, humans and aliens lived together on earth until the human being made an unforgivable mistake (breaking the rules of the alien code) and as a result they lived alone.

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But that’s not all, because the writer does not believe in the theory of evolution but in the fact that the human being is the result of a kind of genetic experiment wanted by the scientists which starts from evolved monkeys .

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