Electricity and gas bills, a turning point for the Draghi government is coming

Electricity and gas bills, a turning point for the Draghi government is on its way. What are the news? What should you expect?

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These last two years have been very complex to manage, especially for families and businesses who have seen the difficulties fall on the difficulties. The pandemic has paved the way for an already latent problem. Millions of people were left with no idea how to get to the end of the month.

But that’s not all, because the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the resulting inflation have only made matters worse. Again hit the poorer classes and small and medium enterprises. Everything was seasoned, in fact, by an exponential increase in prices.

Electricity and gas bills, the ecological change promised by the Draghi government foresees a very sharp drop in prices

With inflation, many Italian families found themselves in great difficulty. The severe blow dealt by the covid was not enough, but the conflict also played its part. From one day to the next, we witnessed the rise in the price of gasoline, as well as raw materials.

We want to talk, then, about invoice prices? Electricity and gas have reached disproportionate figures, forcing Italians to postpone their payments. However, it seems that something is finally moving in the opposite direction. What is it about?

Substantial news is about to arrive regarding the price of utilities. Italian families will witness the new measures taken by the Draghi government. This time, however, we are not just talking about bonuses, but about what is called energy income.

What this means? It is aimed at all families whose ISEE does not exceed 20 thousand euros. Indeed, they will be able to request the possibility of installing solar panels on their houses – useful for the environment and for the pockets. Measure volts when utility bills are at zero.

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It is possible to apply on the website of your region, taking into account the standards to be respected.

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