Earth in the Solar System: What is it? Incredible discovery

Super – Earth in the solar system: what is it? Is our planet too? Let’s find out more about this incredible news.

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Before getting into the heart of the news, it is necessary to clarify and explain what the Super Earth is. It is an exoplanet characterized by a rocky predominance. It has a very large mass and is identified with the name gas giants.

They are very similar to our planet, but the solar system does not currently have them. What do we mean by Super Earth? This name was given because it recalls the mass of the planet – without considering other factors.

When were they first discovered? The first attestations date back to 1992, but it was not until 2005 that much more concrete news was received. We recall, for example, Gliese 581 with a mass greater than five times the earth’s surface.

Incredible discovery: Ross 508b is the new Super – Terra. What do we know? The details

In recent weeks, substantial discoveries have been made. One of them concerns the presence of a new Super Earth.

We are talking about Ross 508b which is the new Super Earth that has been identified near a red dwarf. As we said before, they are rocky planets with a very considerable mass. It is precisely this factor that is mainly taken into consideration.

Back at Ross 508b, many studies are underway to assess the presence or absence of water. Research is being carried out on the presence of a possibly habitable zone (but far from the star) What do we know about this Super Earth?

It is much larger than Earth, four times larger than our planet. Its full orbit occurs once every ten days. This is a very important fact for scientists.

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This means that its astronomical distance is able to provide an average insolation of the orbit of 1.4 times the value of the Earth – these are the words of scientists.

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